2017outdoor advertising will be the direction of development

2017-01-06 11:06

       Digital screen number will be significantly increased
       Due to a variety of factors, including the change of the city government legislation and LED large screen significantly reduce the cost of production.
       As two major suppliers of outdoor advertising, Outfront and Intersection have announced plans to launch digital screens in major cities across the country. Intersection's "link" project will change the visual image of the city block in New York: the widespread implementation of the Wi-Fi hot spot is replacing the corner booth, all supported by large digital screen advertising revenue.
       There will be a new development of the super target
       Outdoor advertising planning system will combine data sources, including mobile operator data, online browsing behavior and consumer purchase records.
       Marketing personnel will be able to use outdoor advertising, targeted at mobile micro specific crowd. In an election year, the presidential election will take advantage of the location data of the first party voting and customer relationship management, aimed at the target voters to implement.
       Real time outdoor advertising transactions will steadily increase
       More outdoor vendor inventory will be integrated into the demand side platform. The form has the ability to target consumers in real time based on previously led to the car, tourism and retail advertising to test the waters of historical position. Looking forward to more marketing staff in 2016 to expand their real time enthusiasm, including outdoor advertising.

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