Outdoor big data applications became reality

2017-01-06 11:04

     In 2015 October Google attempts to use DoubleClick technology in outdoor advertising, through the past and current information such as audience, weather, travel information, sports and other factors, to automatically determine what advertising is almost put; in October, JCDecaux announced in 2016 will make data support the use of IT and Route data to put their customers London 1000 digital screens; the recent U.S. mobile operator AT&T launched a large data service for outdoor advertising.
     Domestic media new vision similar to Southern Newspaper and China Unicom launched to solve the outdoor media operators of large data value based on the plan, actively respond to media is main application trends of big data do.
     In addition, the combination of digital signage and Internet of things is extending from retail to outdoor.
     When the industry is also exploring how to combine with the outdoor mobile phone, turned to the Internet thinking from the Internet thinking, in fact, have already realized the evolution of digital signage from the display device to the terminal sales of mobile payment, and in one step, by ibeacon, NFC and other applications of short distance communication technology, the offline world is accelerating into the era of things.
     According to Google Eddystone research, among the top one hundred retailers in the United States, 85% of the businesses will be in 2017 before the application of beacon technology. Companies such as Tapit, Proxama, Bite Gimbal, Blue, and other companies are sparing no effort in a variety of scenarios, especially retail and outdoor areas to promote their NFC or ibeacon technology.
     At home, as Pay Apple is about to enter China, the public has recently announced that its framework by increasing the NFC tag, with apple pay, each piece of the screen is equivalent to upgrade to become an online store.

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