The importance of outdoor advertising to advertisers

2017-01-05 09:55

       Outdoor advertising and television, print, broadcast side by side of the media, has its own distinctive characteristics. Compared with other media, it has an absolute advantage in the "time" - the release of a sustained, stable, not like television, radio, fleeting; but it is at a disadvantage in the "space" - by the regional visual restrictions. Clearly understand the advantages and limitations of outdoor advertising, help us to analyze the role of outdoor advertising. The role of outdoor advertising is to establish a brand image, followed by the release of product information.
       Visual impact force
       A giant billboard set up in lots of gold everywhere, or meet any shelter, wants to build a lasting brand image of the company to get things. Many famous outdoor billboards, because of its lasting and outstanding, become a famous landmark in a certain area.
       24 hours round the clock
       A lot of outdoor media is durable, all-weather release, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the spread of time is the most adequate. Online media has similar advantages, but it is in the virtual world, the audience needs a series of prerequisites to be close, and the outdoor media, because the physical space is unique, this advantage to play a more thorough.
       Strong information impact
       Outdoor media can mobilize a variety of means of expression, to create a comprehensive, rich sensory stimulation. Image, statement, three dimensional object, dynamic sound effect, environment...... And so on, can be cleverly integrated into.
       Creation frequency
       Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor media can create ideal arrival rate and frequency. Choose the right time and place, the correct use of outdoor media plus range, can realize the ideal access to almost every aspect of the crowd, and even can be matched with the audience the life rhythm of a seamless heavenly robe.
       China outdoor advertising market after nearly 10 years of rapid development, media resources through a series of development, financing, mergers and acquisitions, the formation of some type of outdoor media network group, resources gradually scale, but the degree of concentration, scale level is limited, there is still much room for development. Future integration is still the main theme of China's outdoor advertising market. With the increasing tourism and leisure activities and extensive use of high-tech, outdoor media has become the new darling of the advertisers.

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