Creative ways to win outdoors advertising

2018-04-20 15:34

Creative ways to win outdoors advertising
Only outdoor advertising is the most unique
The traditional outdoor advertisements are mostly flat display, but they are not simply magnified in the poster. The advertising ideas designed for outdoor media can not only avoid the visual fatigue of repeated contact, but also make a billboard stand out and even let the audience enjoy it.
In most cases, the originality of outdoor advertising is indispensable to the full use of the environment, which is the second manifestation of outdoor advertising creativity.

Go beyond the plane and adapt to local conditions
The release form of outdoor advertising should be unconstrained in specific areas. It is a creative art of creative use and combination of urban space without damaging the urban landscape. After the advertising company has fully observed and studied the behavior of the audience and the law of life, the audacious release of outdoor advertisements in a seemingly unremarkable position can often shock people double. MINICOOPER has chosen to advertise outdoor advertisements at the subway station entrance. During the working hours, a large number of people marched into the ground, as in the car that opened the door. The actual volume of the car was exaggerated by jokes. Correspondingly, when a large number of citizens come out from work, they have the same idea. This outdoor advertising creativity is not only integrated into the environment, but also out of the environment. It is worth noting that this type of outdoor advertising can not be arbitrary, to take full account of the difference between the living area and the commercial area, and the idea that a good idea can not take the eye of the audience in a rough way, and should play the best in the right place.

Multi-media collocation, continuous change
The goal of media advertising is to create brands and promote sales for customers, so the outdoor media, even among the different media, can try to cooperate to maximize the effect. The media collocation not only gives people continuous feeling and appeal, but also gives full play to their respective advantages. A hamburger light box in the India subway is unconspicuous in a large number of colourful congener, but a warning sign below is unbearable to stop watching. The original explanation on the warning board is to remind passers-by to pay attention to the saliva before the billboard. The matching of the two advertising media suddenly makes the advertisement interesting. More common is the combination of outdoor media with media such as television, Internet and newspaper, which can ensure blind spot coverage and achieve two intensification.

Interact with the audience and bring the experience
Interactive outdoor advertising can ensure audience participation and leave the most impressive impression on the audience. Not only that, enough flash creativity can also be used by the audience through the way of communication through interpersonal communication, from the reliability and validity of the expansion of the advertising effect, and can also be changed to the audience in the network and other media actively to understand the advertiser's goods or services. A dog food outdoor advertisement chooses the remote corner as the advertisement position, but with the built-in dog grain fragrance divergent device, the puppy that passes through is stopped, actively cooperating with the advertiser to lick the dog food in the advertisement, and the owner of the dog, the target audience must not squat down to elaborate "appreciation". 

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