The influence factor for the cost of billboard production

2018-08-30 15:19

1. What factors will affect the cost of billboard production? Is it to be calculated by the manufacturer?
From a professional point of view, the cost of billboard will be affected by size, height, material, sides and so on, if need calculate price, it is better to find a professional factory to got a correct price.
2.  Whether the production cost and production cycle are same with different sides of billboard.

 The billboard usually with double sides, three sides and four sides, Different sides, different cost.  And more sides, higher cost. The production cycle will be longer.

3.  Which party should be responsible for the billboard maintenance?

 The maintenance should be responsible for the production factory.
4. Is there a ready-made billboard? Is it important to make a billboard?

Single columns billboard are not ready-made products, they are all made directly by the company. The single column production is a very important aspect and a work, but also related to the quality and use of the single column billboard, as well as the life of the billboard, so be sure to find a professional single column manufacturer, can not Sloppy to treat and carry out.

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