Color plate characters of outdoor billboard

2018-10-23 14:15

The color plate for billboard panel is colour coated steel sheet, colour coated steel sheet is a kind of steel sheet with organic coating. Color steel plate is divided into veneer, color steel composite board, floor slab, etc. Widely used for metope and roof of large public building, public workshop, mobile board room, and integrated house. The billboard  plate has the following characteristics:

1. Light Weight: 10-14kg/square meter, equal to 1/30 of brick wall.
2. Thermal Insulation: core material thermal conductivity: PM <=0.023-0.041w/mk.
3. High Strength: It can be used as load bearing of the ceiling enclosure, bending and compression .Houses generally do not use beams.
4. Bright in Color: No surface decoration is required, and the color galvanized steel corrosion resistant layer is maintained for 10-25 years.
5. Flexible installation: Construction period can be reduced by more than 40%.
6. Oxygen index: (OI)32.0(National fire products quality control station)

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