Construction of Unipole Billboard

2019-07-18 11:13

Construction of single column billboard
1, the construction of underground pipelines and underground facilities should be fully investigated, verified and verified before construction.
2. Before excavation, the influence of foundation pit excavation on the safety of nearby buildings should be investigated in detail, and corresponding preventive measures should be adopted. When the foundation pit has dynamic load, there should be at least 1m width of retaining wall between the pit top and the dynamic load. If the engineering geology and hydrogeology are not good or the dynamic load is too large, the retaining road should be widened or reinforced measures shall be taken. When the pit wall can not guarantee the stable slope angle, the retaining wall or other reinforcement measures should be adopted for the foundation pit wall.
3, the components lofting and marking should be based on process requirements for welding shrinkage and processing allowance. The size of the sample plate and any two hole spacing and hole deviation of the sample are allowed to be deviation of + 0.5mm.
4. The relative torsion of the end face of the intersecting line of the steel pipe component shall not be greater than 2.0mm.
5, parts of the cutting line and material line, when using manual cutting, allowing deviation is not more than + 2.0mm.
6, before assembling should be connected along the weld surface and each side of 30mm ~ 50mm within the scope of rust, burr and oil clean.
7, after the completion of the construction, should be in accordance with the requirements of construction plans and the provisions of this standard

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