What are the specifications of single column billboards

2023-08-19 09:24

A single column billboard has a large area, and you can find its existence from afar. Compared to other advertising dissemination, it has less information interference, not only has good dissemination effect but also has the function of enhancing image. Single column billboards have requirements for geographical location. Generally, the advertising specifications in the city center are slightly smaller, but compared to those on the roadside outside the city center, they will be larger. After all, single column advertisements have a large volume, so in crowded areas, the main specifications are still needed. If they are too large, the surrounding environment is complex and difficult to pay attention to.
Standard materials for the production of single column advertising towers: Single column advertising size 18m × 6m three sided
Single Post Advertising Supervisor: Spiral 1220 × 12mm
Single column advertising panel: 0.5 mm 0.75 mm
Single column advertising foundation: manually excavated well pile foundation or ladder foundation
Three sided signs are mainly used at road intersections or highway interchanges. The commonly used single column billboards on highways have a single face size of 18m × 6m and 7m × The board size of 21m should be considered in the design of the board size, taking into account local urban management and local wind load regulations. Most regulations in Hebei stipulate that the board size should not exceed 6m × 18m, different cities have different requirements for specifications and dimensions.
The height of single column billboards varies depending on the height of the road surface. The commonly used height in China is generally 18 meters above the road surface (calculated from the top of the billboard surface). Due to the consideration of advertising effects, the height of single column billboards has gradually increased in recent years. For example, in Shanghai, a height of 18 meters is currently less commonly used. Single column billboards with a total height of 25 meters are more common, and some even reach a height of over thirty meters.
The upper structure of a single column billboard mainly consists of the board surface and columns. The board structure is generally composed of a steel frame welded with section steel and a surface iron sheet, which serves as a carrier for advertising. Its design requirements meet the requirements of structural strength, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, etc.
The column is a support for the billboard surface, and its function is to transmit the overturning moment generated by the self weight and wind load of the billboard surface to the foundation structure. The column forms include steel frame structure and single column structure. Currently, single column structure is mainly used, and its design requirements meet the requirements of structural strength, lightning protection, anti-corrosion, and other requirements.
The outer diameter of the column is generally 1m~1.2m, and the wall thickness is generally 10mm~12mm. The upper structure of a single column billboard requires regular painting and maintenance. The design life of the upper structure should meet the requirements of the advertising approval documents. The upper structure is mainly steel, and the design life of the structure should generally not exceed 15 years.
The development of outdoor advertising has been on the rise in recent years and is a preferred advertising choice for advertisers. Compared to other forms of advertising, a single pillar is a relatively independent individual. For size requirements, the opportunity to pay attention to height is greater. However, if it is too high, it can also have an impact on visual effects and safety issues. Each region has standards for the size of a single pillar.

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