What are the advantages of single column double-sided billbo

2023-09-14 14:57

The advantages of billboards include good dynamic visual display effect, multiple indoor spaces displayed in double-sided advertisements, beautiful and generous design, relatively low operating and maintenance costs, enhancing corporate brand value, and being suitable for various venue construction
The advantages of high component reuse rate, strong wind resistance, short construction and installation time, and easier standardization of billboard specifications are as follows:
1. The dynamic visual display effect is good. The double-sided flip billboard with continuous camera transitions is very attractive, with colors and interfaces constantly changing to capture the field of view; The rhythm of the three sided flip is smooth, with several advertising contents that have a strong visual impact on advertising promotion. The actual rolling effects of two sided flipping mainly include: left to right or right to left wave shape, multi wave shape, opening ceremony in the middle, closing ceremony, and other flipping methods.
2. Double sided advertising represents a lot of indoor space. Double sided display of two interfaces on a flat plan software, with a data volume twice that of a typical advertising board. Flexible use of indoor space to generate richer profits for both advertising media companies and advertisers.
3. The design is beautiful and elegant. The two sided bracket and decorative design are more in line with engineering buildings, coupled with exquisite visuals, making it more beautiful and generous than ordinary outdoor advertisements, and can even decorate the urban ecological environment. Many large cities are gradually replacing ordinary skin white billboards with two sided flip billboards in order to improve their image and taste.
4. Relatively low operating and maintenance costs. The overall design is effective, the operation is stable, and industrial nylon materials are used, greatly improving wear resistance within five years without significant maintenance costs and capital investment.
5. Enhance the brand value of the enterprise. The appearance is novel and has a contemporary atmosphere. Optimus Prime advertising, advertising towers, single column advertising, and outdoor anti-aircraft guns break through the drawbacks of traditional billboards being monotonous and visually homogeneous, showcasing a new type of outdoor media. Billboard design has plasticity, adapting to the higher requirements of advertisers and urban planning of outdoor advertising tower facilities, gradually enhancing the brand value of the enterprise.
6. Suitable for various venue construction. The application of the design concept of breaking down column anti-aircraft gun billboards into parts, and first of all, promoting industrial production of goods and reducing costs. Secondly, it is convenient for transportation and installation. In areas where large transportation vehicles and lifting equipment cannot enter or have no power supply on-site, manual and rapid assembly are more flexible, reflecting the strong adaptability of anti-aircraft gun billboards.
7. High reuse rate of components. The two sided flip billboard is assembled with high-strength bolts through a spherical joint, and the billboard has a detachable function. Due to road widening or other reasons, it is not possible to use underground foundation components that cannot be relocated elsewhere, and other components can be reused.
8. Strong wind resistance. From a mechanical perspective, column anti-aircraft gun billboards have good load transfer performance, and when subjected to special wind loads, the structure will undergo elastic deformation. After the allowable displacement conditions are reduced through design, the displacement naturally resets. Optimus Prime advertisements, anti-aircraft gun billboards, single column advertisements, and outdoor anti-aircraft guns are designed by organizations with survey and design qualifications based on the wind pressure and geological conditions of the pre built location, without worrying about safety issues.
9. Short construction and installation time. Due to the numerous small components of single column billboards, they can be produced in large quantities. The transportation of structured components can quickly reach the construction site, greatly reducing the construction cycle compared to traditional billboards.
10. Billboard specifications are easier to unify. Generally speaking, the weakness of outdoor advertising is that it cannot be standardized. But after a certain degree of adjustment and overcoming obstacles, outdoor single column billboards can be flipped on both sides and fixed in a unified specification.
There are many advantages to single column and double sided billboards. Millennium Advertising has been engaged in double sided and triple sided advertising, and Optimus Prime has been working for 23 years. If you have billboards, please contact me by phone.

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