• Bus shelter technology Aug 15, 2017

    Bus shelter technology Stool of bus shelters 1, materials: Stool surface 1.5mm304 stainless steel Phi 76mm * 3mm304 stainless steel legs 2, process: 1) the bus shelters and stool surfaces are brushed; 2) punching the stool surface; 3) the b...

    Bus shelter technology
  • Full training and learning Aug 15, 2017

    Full training and learning A nun took the priests car, and the priest could not help touching the nuns snow-white thighs. Nun: father, remember Psalm 129 what? The priest blush hurried to close hand, back to the church after 129th cant wait...

    Full training and learning
  • The 5 main points of billboard Aug 10, 2017

    The 5 main points of billboard Outdoor billboard more and more widely used in daily advertising, but is not a mature industry standard, caused a lot of unnecessary trouble, the following 5 points we sum up by Optimus Prime billboard: Whethe...

    The 5 main points of billboard
  • London bus ban "good figure" ad said Aug 10, 2017

    London bus ban good figure ad said or brought negative energy Shaping and fitness advertising often use a hot model eye, while the bus system in London will be a total ban on this type of advertising, because they may lead to negative energ...

    London bus ban "good figure" ad said
  • Fire knowledge training learning Aug 03, 2017

    Fire knowledge training learning In order to do a better work in a safe enviroment, and master certain knowledge and skills of fire extinguishing, evacuation and escape, to improve staff security awareness, to ensure that the staff of life...

    Fire knowledge training learning
  • custom size billboard Jul 28, 2017


    custom size billboard
  • billboard loading Jul 26, 2017


    billboard loading
  • large custom type billboard Jul 13, 2017

    large custom type billboard...

    large custom type billboard
  • Three sided billboard Jul 13, 2017

    The three-sided billboard It islocatedonthe fork of the majorhighways,expresswayroad;theycommandhigh-densityconsumerexposure(mostlytovehiculartraffic)andaffordagreatvisibilitytopassengers. Billboard description Commodity name Specifications...

    Three sided billboard
  • new style custom rotating billboard
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