A comprehensive introduction to the three sided flipping ant

2024-04-12 14:16

1、 Definition
Three sided flipping anti-aircraft gun billboard, also known as three sided flipping advertising tower or high column billboard, is a form of outdoor advertising display. It is usually supported by a tall steel column, with three rotatable advertising screens installed at the top of the column, which are automatically switched through motor drive. This type of billboard has a wide range of applications in outdoor advertising due to its tall structure, good visual effects, and convenient replacement of advertising information.
2、 Characteristics
Strong visual impact: Three sided anti-aircraft gun billboards are usually set up at prominent positions such as city roads and highway entrances and exits. Their tall figure and eye-catching advertising images can quickly attract the attention of pedestrians and drivers.
Convenient replacement of advertising information: The three sided flip design makes the replacement of advertising images simple and fast. By driving the motor, the advertising screen can automatically rotate, making it easy to switch between different advertisements.
Durable: Billboards are usually made of high-quality steel and weather resistant materials, which can resist the erosion of natural environments such as wind, rain, and sun, and maintain a long service life.
Strong flexibility: The three sided flipping anti-aircraft gun billboard can be customized in different sizes and shapes according to needs, to adapt to different usage scenarios and advertising needs.
3、 Usage scenarios
Beside urban roads: commonly found in bustling areas such as urban main roads and commercial streets, used to showcase brand image, promote products or services.
Highway entrances and exits: Utilize the high pedestrian flow characteristics of highway entrances and exits to display advertising information and attract the attention of potential customers.
Large event venues: such as sports events, exhibitions, etc., three sided flipping anti-aircraft gun billboards can be used for on-site promotion to enhance the impact of the event.
4、 Advantages
Efficient communication: By flipping anti-aircraft gun billboards on three sides, enterprises can quickly spread advertising information to a wide audience, improve brand awareness and product sales.
High cost-effectiveness: Compared to other outdoor advertising forms, the three sided flipping anti-aircraft gun billboard has a higher cost-effectiveness. It has a large one-time investment, but after long-term use, the advertising cost is relatively low and the advertising effect is long-lasting.
Enhancing urban image: Exquisite three sided anti-aircraft gun billboards can not only attract people's attention, but also enhance the beauty and image of the city.

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