The steps and principles of making a three sided flip billbo

2023-06-03 17:22

Three sided flip billboards are a common form of outdoor advertising that can quickly attract the attention of passersby and increase advertising effectiveness. So, what are the steps and principles for making a three sided flip billboard? Below is a detailed introduction.
The materials required for producing a three sided flip billboard include aluminum plate, steel frame, plastic three sided flip system, light box, advertising image, etc.
1. Produce a steel frame based on the size and shape of the billboard, and spray paint it.
2. Create advertising images, design the advertising content well, and print it on the advertising images.
3. Install a lightbox on the back of the advertising screen to increase the brightness and effect of the advertisement at night.
4. Install a three sided flipping system. Install the plastic three sided flipping system in front of the advertising image to tightly integrate it with the advertising image.
5. Install the aluminum plate to fix it on the steel frame as the bottom of the billboard.
6. Install the advertising screen to fix it on the three sided flip system, and then install the three sided flip system on the aluminum plate.
The working principle of a three sided flipping billboard is that when the wind or human force pushes the billboard, the three sided flipping system will automatically flip and display the advertising image to passersby. Due to the special construction of the three sided flipping system, the advertising image will constantly change during the flipping process, increasing the visual effect and attractiveness of the billboard.
Three sided flip billboards are a unique form of outdoor advertising that constantly changes the advertising image through a three sided flip system, attracting the attention of passersby and achieving promotional effects. The production of a three sided flip billboard requires certain steps, and the selection of materials also needs to consider the usage environment and requirements of the billboard.

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