How to install and construct advertising towers?

2023-09-01 17:09

1、 Preparation before construction of outdoor single column billboard tower
(1) If the installation of advertising equipment requires road occupation for lifting, relevant procedures must be completed in advance with the relevant departments: if there is damage to the lawn and trees during on-site assembly and ceiling hanging, an application must be submitted to the relevant road administration department. When occupying a road, warning signs should be erected at both ends of the occupied road, and a dedicated person should be assigned to guard it.
(2) Familiar with the drawings, analyze the steel structure drawings with relevant technical personnel, and arrange the construction process and plan together.
(3) According to the size of the billboard to be installed, choose suitable lifting ropes and cranes, cable ropes, snap rings, etc.
2、 How to install and construct advertising towers
1. Familiar with the sequence of anti-aircraft guns: - Installation of billboard rack - Installation of billboard surface - Installation of accessories
2. Basic inspection before installing column type anti-aircraft gun billboards: Before installing the billboard, on-site construction technicians should be arranged to measure, review, and proofread the single column anti-aircraft gun billboard. The review requires that the foundation plane of the single column anti-aircraft gun billboard should be flat, without cracks, leaks, honeycomb, and other problems. The longitudinal and transverse centerline of the foundation should be vertical, and the size should not exceed 20mm.
3. Surface welding of single column billboards: Single column anti-aircraft guns should not only pay attention to the safety of lifting, but also pay attention to the welding quality of the billboard surface and carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the structure. In addition, suggestions for billboard cosmetic companies should also pay attention to whether the frame of the single column billboard is tilted, and do not adjust it regularly until the crane moves to a safe place. Note: The entire process of lifting the surface of the billboard should be commanded by a dedicated person.
4. Billboard hoisting: Determine the position of the construction hoisting trolley, and use the stability of the surrounding geological environment and no damage to the surrounding green environment as the construction standards. The hoisting height of the single column sign should be reasonable, based on the actual installation requirements and the hoisting fasteners, and should not be too high or too low. The verticality adjustment between the steel column and the ground cable wind rope should be applied, and the nearby personnel should be adjusted. After using a theodolite to calibrate and test, Its verticality should be within 10mm.
5. Install other billboard components such as light frames according to the construction drawing of the single column anti-aircraft gun advertising tower.

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