Three sided flip billboard production process

2023-08-25 16:21

1、 The process of making a three sided flip billboard
(1) Select materials
According to the customer's specifications, appropriate materials are used to meet the design standards of the manufacturing process.
⑵ Testing materials
Detect the dimensions of steel through full-time quality inspectors. The depth of steel should generally not exceed the thickness of defect parameters such as corrosion resistance, pitting, and scratches, and must also be within the range of national standard error.
⑶ Setting out and cutting
① The construction personnel who flip the billboard on three sides, as well as the construction drawings, should carefully inspect and report any problems to the technical director immediately, in order to solve the problems in a timely manner.
② The size of important nodes that must be executed when lofting or calculating.
③ The measuring tools used for Lofting, cutting, assembly, and measurement are also measuring instruments that can be certified by relevant departments.
④ The material below the cutting line must be correct, leaving welding shrinkage and cutting edge machining allowance.
(4) Component materials
Use cutting machines, flame cutting machines, blacksmiths, and hacksaws to avoid manual cutting. Cutting methods and residual burrs with local gaps less than 1mm and cutting depths greater than 2mm should be repaired, welded, and ground flat.
The specific process of installing a three sided flip billboard consists of the following:
Step 1: Installation site survey
Before installing outdoor LED advertising display screens, unified testing should be conducted on specific environmental conditions, terrain, radiation range, brightness acceptance ability, and other parameters to ensure the smooth installation of billboards. To ensure the smooth installation of billboards, a unified lifting plan must be implemented for the command personnel before lifting and installation, to ensure the normal and stable use of the equipment.
Step 2: LED equipment construction
When building outdoor advertising display screens, it is necessary to distinguish between wall advertising screens, hanging advertising screens, and rooftop advertising screens. During actual installation, a crane and a winch should be used for segmented lifting based on the distance and height, while ensuring the cooperation of personnel above. For LED advertising screens used for high-altitude operations, there should be a better installation and use process.
Step 3: LED emission range debugging
Specific radiation range detection: Due to different radiation ranges, the perspective of LED display screen construction varies. Outdoor LED advertising display screen installation work should be carried out based on the on-site acceptance ability and everyone's normal perspective range, ensuring that normal, brightness balanced images and subtitle information can be seen from every angle from afar.
Step 4: Subsequent Testing and Maintenance
Subsequent inspections, such as LED display screen waterproofing, heat dissipation layer, LED indicator waterproof coating, rainproof range above the display screen, heat dissipation air on both sides, power supply line, etc. These basic components constitute the entire stable graphic LED display screen. In the later stage of technical maintenance, unified management and maintenance should be carried out on these components. When the product is rusted, unstable, or damaged, it needs to be replaced in a timely manner, Ensure the safe use of the entire display screen.

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